Purpose is essential to us all. You need a clear mission and vision for your company, and every employee should be able to tell you how their job is linked directly to the mission and vision.

Be inspired but remain authentic. We can be influenced by what other brands or businesses are doing — however it is extremely important to operate in ways that work best for you.

There’s nothing better for our spiritual wellness than having the opportunity to be surrounded by nature and notice all the beauty it has to offer. Nature can imbue us with a sense of awe and connect us to sacred or spiritual feelings.

Focus on gratitude, so simple, but full of high rewards. Start every morning and end every night with gratitude. You can write it down or make a mental list, but do this with focus, not lax.

An Interview With Karina Michel Feld

Understand that achieving perfection is a process. As mentioned before, I believe that perfection is a process. An artist who creates his/her magnum opus does so only after going over several abandoned projects and rejected drafts. It is virtually impossible for an artist to simply come up with a “perfect” work of art with a single try and without making any mistakes. Most perfectionists, however, believe that once you commit a mistake, perfection is already beyond your reach and that you have already failed in your goal of perfection.

Keep the acquisition funnel as simple as possible. The more complex, the longer it will take to optimize. Post-acquisition, collect customer sentiment data at every step possible. It will tell you what you are doing right and what needs improvement. Do this always, all the time. People and processes have a way of changing in subtle ways that out of your control so ongoing collection of customer sentiment is critical to recognizing when this happens and gives you the data you need to make the necessary adjustments. …

Stop living in the future. Yes, that’s what you are doing. You are so fixated on planning for the future and doing everything right so that “tomorrow” is better that you forget to enjoy the present. Your present could be at stake and despite your efforts of worrying about worst-case scenarios and trying to be precise, this present moment can have severe implications for the future if you don’t pay attention.

Breaking projects down into phases that represent more manageable chunks is a great way to get past perfectionism. For example, when building a house, the entire house is not built overnight. The process starts by creating plans with an architect. Then there are several drawings made to address things like plumbing, electrical, etc. Then the builder pours a foundation and starts to frame the house. The process continues until finally the house is built.

Make it a vehicle for achieving your passion, whatever that is. When I was 8 years old, I had the best vacation of my life in America. I became obsessed and memorized a book about the Presidents from Washington to the peanut farmer from Plains, Georgia. Law helped me achieve my dream. Law is the reason I’m sitting in my Manhattan apartment loving life. Make it the device for living your dream.

Shift your priorities. Revaluate what’s most important. I value the ability to pursue passion projects and expand into other stimulating areas of law. By delegating and not micromanaging, I’m building a team of successors who feel challenged, stimulated, appreciated, and excited about the future. They want to “own” the business — figuratively and literally — and that’s freeing for me.

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