Humans are wingless creatures who can learn to fly each in our own idiosyncratic ways if we believe each of us are “of consequence.”

No one should pressure themselves into fitting the standard of anything, let alone being an entrepreneur. If what you do excites you, write your path and run with it.

Take the time to embrace financial stability, so you can feel secure and enjoy your life.

Without wellness, there is nothing. Without wellness, you cannot achieve success in life, and nothing matters without your wellness.

Know yourself and work hard. Hard work breeds success. Identify your weaknesses and figure out techniques to minimize them. This will allow you to work more efficiently and enjoy more success.

As you look upon what you’ve built, you see that you not only persevered and succeeded, but you inspired countless others along your path to do the same, whether you witness it or not. And that is an incredible ripple effect!

An independent individual making healthy choices is good not only for the individual but the entire world.

Ultimately, for anyone, including entrepreneurs they must find that higher purpose or power to truly be happy. That doesn’t mean go find a specific religion or anything, but more so connecting with something or things higher than yourself. Without that, you are sort of trudging along through life without that deeper connection to the universe and those around you. Some find that through charity, family, god, the universe, Buddha or whatever your thing is.

Whether famous or not, the highs and lows still pack the same punch. That’s why it’s important to keep a humble mindset and not let success get to you.

Sometimes the power of thought can be far stronger than the challenges your body might face.

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